About Me


This website is a long culmination of what I feel is the right way to teach about web design and blogging. I’ll get to the why, but lets start at the top. My name is Ted Forbes. I am a multimedia producer / photographer / filmmaker by trade and I’ve been building websites and blogs since the mid 1990’s – mostly so I could get my own projects online and in front of people who care.

The first blog I had (long gone I’m afraid) was built on MoveableType back in the day. MT was a strong CMS that used old school CGI to actually write html files on update. This kept the server load minimal and was actually a great blogging platform in its day. It might still be, but in 1993 they changed their open-source terms which really upset a lot of people. WordPress had just come out and like millions of other people, I jumped ship. WordPress was really well thought out. Its evolved a long way since and I’m still using it today.

I fell into designing for the web in the mid-1990’s. I had a music degree from a well known university and started working during the tech boom for a start up company designing music software. It was “follow the bouncing ball” style lessons that allowed you to play along with the actual recordings. It was a wonderful product, but very much ahead of its time. Here’s a trivia fact for you – iSong (who I worked for) sold everything to Hal Leonard publishing after the crash of 2001. Hal Leonard sold sheet music and this was a really wild product for them. They had no clue what to do with it and they let the patent expire. The patent was a system of synching graphics to the original recording via a midi click track that was human created. This was picked up by a few video games around 2007 – Rock Band being the big one. Turned into a multi-million dollar businessā€¦ oh my what could of been – but I digress.

I started doing web design when I left iSong. There was plenty of freelance work to be had at that time and I had a 7 year go as a web designer. All the while when my passion in life was still photography and video/film making. I guess I love being hands on for everything, but this all lead to my first passion of photography with my photography podcast, website and photography tutorials becoming what I’m known for now.

To make this more convoluted – I landed a job teaching college from 2003 to 2012. I taught web design and loved it. I had some wonderful students that I still keep up with to this day. I quit because the college stopped giving me real classes and all my new classes were online. I hated this. I never met my students face to face and the awful educational content management they made me use not only sucked – it was absolutely miserable. It took about 2 years for me to work up the nerve to give up the crappy salary, but I did it.

This website is the result of the way I want to teach. Its how I want to share what I know. Its for all the poor students that paid good money that had to deal with the way the state of Texas and the college district made me teach that was wrong.

This space is made by me and what I know is the right way to learn. If things don’t work here – I have only myself to blame. I hope you find something useful here. Do me a favor and pay it forward one day by sharing it with someone else.