The WordPress Post Templates

In the last article we used the WordPress loop to begin putting post content on our pages. We’ll do the same now using the WordPress post loop to start populating our post blog content. We’ll do this in 2 places – on the home page we’ll have our most recent posts display with links to… Continue Reading »

The WordPress Page Template

So in the last tutorial we looked at how the basic index template works in conjunction with the header and footer files on our WordPress site. In this tutorial I want to take a look at the WordPress page template. This might seem a little backwards in that most tutorials at this point go into… Continue Reading »

WordPress Theme Structure

Understanding basic WordPress theme structure is our first step in learning how to build a custom WordPress theme. WordPress keeps all of the content files organized and separated from all the code that drives the content management side of things. This is nice because once you learn how this works, its makes it easy to… Continue Reading »

Create A WordPress Theme

I thought it would be fun to show you how to create a WordPress theme. I thought the process would be fun to outline here as I can share it with others who would like to know how this is done. Before we get going, there’s a few things we should establish. WordPress is a… Continue Reading »

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a very important decision to make. Moving your blog to a new host is never fun, and you need the right combinations of features, speed and support to make the decision that’s right for you. I’ve been developing websites since 1998 and I’ve been working with WordPress since it was introduced in… Continue Reading »

Install WordPress On A Mac

Its often useful to run a local install of WordPress for development and testing. If you’re making changes to a theme or plug-in its a good idea not to work on the live site unless you can live with it if you break something. I usually work on sites locally before I launch them this… Continue Reading »

How To Make Money With Adsense

Google Adsense is a platform that provides an easy way for people to start monetizing their websites. I started using Adsense on various projects a few years ago, and like many I became very frustrated. Can you make money with Google Adsense? Sure. Can you quit your job and “reap the benefits” like so many… Continue Reading »

WordPress Theme SEO

WordPress Theme SEO is a very common concern from people who are setting up new sites. Particularly if generating traffic is a top concern. And lets be honest – who doesn’t want to generate traffic? Its a valid question though and worth taking a look at WordPress Theme SEO and what matters. Are We Asking… Continue Reading »