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WordPress is one of the largest CMS platforms driving websites today. It went from being a PHP based blog engine to supporting a huge network of options, themes, plugins, content types etc. Its extremely versatile and chances are at some point you’re going to be dealing with WordPress. With this site my aim is to provide the best tutorials and WordPress resources available.

What I’ve set out to do with this site is to create the best WordPress resource out there. I’ve spent many hours over the years working with WordPress and I’ve decided to start documenting what I’ve learned here to save you time and resources.

WordPress Resources for Everyone

WordPress is designed specifically to make work easy and allow site owners to do what they do best – create content. But its really surprising how many hours people end up spending in WP either fixing problems, making changes to themes, looking for plugin’s – everything outside of the actual work at hand. My goal is to demystify these types of tasks and make life easier when people have to do DIY maintenance on their site. I want to help people find Themes and Plugins that provide the functionality they need.

I really believe this is one of the strongest CMS platforms available today. If you need help making your site, you’ve come to the right place.

About Ted Forbes:
Ted ForbesI've been working with WordPress since it came out back in 2003 on various design and photography sites that I've had over the years. Check out my